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We stay a fairly normal existence, and that I planning thus did my sweetheart

We stay a fairly normal existence, and that I planning thus did my sweetheart

I (28) envision my girlfriend (26) is making use of my personal clothes to rub after making use of commode

Ok, so this isn’t myself, it really is a post on reddit and after reading they i have been laughing for around an hour. Appreciate.

I cant link it because my personal post amount is simply too low.

‘Found my gym clothes inside garbage covered in poop. Expected sweetheart about this. She begun yelling at me and whining and remaining.


I do not have any idea the direction to go using this. I’m dumbfounded. She just stormed from the home and that I’m resting on the sleep asking myself A LOT of inquiries.

We have been along for a couple period and after affairs had gotten big, we moved in along. We began revealing most of the house obligations, nevertheless a factor she was adament on performing was actually the laundry. She would get home and discover me inside bedroom acquiring the washing collectively and would quickly query us to get make a move otherwise. I would return to complete the washing and she’d have began it. I thought it was nice rather than their task to do it by yourself, but hey, when it helps make the woman very happy to do it all committed, i mightn’t quit this lady.


Perform could wait. I really couldn’t go the rest of the day questioning precisely why my fitness center clothes were secure in poop and inside a vinyl case inside the trash can. I got the case and moved back in. Whenever my personal girlfriend saw the case she flipped down and going yelling at me. She mentioned i ought ton’t getting going through the trash and therefore I became disgusting for taking it into the home. I inquired the woman to settle down and therefore i simply wanted a remedy why there is poop to my socks. I wasn’t blaming this lady of everything, but she going accusing myself of blaming the woman. That is when it engaged. I don’t know just what it ended up being that lead me to query this, but everything prior to this moment got just become very insane. I asked the girl “So is this their poop?” She going sobbing again and ran out of our home. I didn’t follow the lady this time around.

Very, today Im seated to my bed with a bag a poopy clothes on the floor and lots of concerns within my mind. Really the only summation is that she utilized all of them after visiting the restroom. Which that alone has its own set of concerns above anything else. We delivered this lady book asking this lady to return. She’sn’t reacted yet. I do not even comprehend everything I’m probably state when (IF) she gets back once again.

I experienced to leave for services and are now at the job. Yes, I put out the bag of poopy socks. She texted me back and she actually is obviously embarrassed, but considered she owed me personally a conclusion. She said she don’t would you like to talk about it in person and this we’re able to discuss they over texting also to never carry it upwards in person. I am condensing the discussion and completing some gaps because well as I can. The lady reactions tend to be super short, but i am having the concept.

We flat-out asked the girl in the event it got a fetish. It’s not a fetish. She admitted to by using the socks after visiting the restroom. I found the reason why she constantly does the laundry is mainly because she got hiding that she uses clothes to rub with, mainly her very own. I got no reason at all to inquire the amount of clothes she actually ever has because which will pay awareness of that sort of thing? She considered i’d observe and think it absolutely was strange since she does not obtain lots of socks. She admitted she’s done this for quite some time. Their thought, because ideal when I can understand, would be that because she is a germaphobe (her phrase) and the woman is afraid toilet tissue will rip and is also scared of getting the lady hands messy at all. She uses clothes as it discusses the girl whole give. After she is finished with all of them, she tosses them aside. She utilized mine because she did not have various other clothes.

So, my gf possess an anxiety about acquiring poop on her hands so she wipes with socks, features done this for a lone time. Perhaps bad, I guess. I am hoping we could have a good laugh about it afterwards. I’m searching for the humor inside now, but I’m nonetheless weirded out.’